Phism of the Day

There is a feature to this blog which you may have been overlooked until now because of its location at the top of the sidebar which is:

The Phism of the Day

That it is meant to be a daily feature obviously, but what exactly is a ‘Phism’ and why should anyone care?

Our buddy Phi, who you have not been subjected to yet on this blog, a rather mercurial and elusive creature who fancies himself a bit of a poet, has taken over the function of editing William’s collection of aphorisms.  It’s a long story and you needn’t worry about it until Phi Press gets closer to publishing the miniature book of a collection of said aphorisms.

Phi, wise in his own self-serving little way, suggested that the upcoming book be called Phi’s Little Book of Words because no one would ever read [much less purchase] a book called William’s Little Book of Words [ what William proposed].  In this case everyone was forced to agreed that Phi had it right and was perceiving reality more clearly than anyone – even William.  Phi, sly creature that he is, then suggested a combining the two ideas together, Phi + Aphorism = Phism a much catchier tag.  Since we are also all about linguistic boundary dissolution around here we all had to agree it was much the catchier name as well.

And why should anyone care?  We haven’t worked that out yet, but maybe you have some ideas yourself that you can suggest in the Comments.

To generate interest in these Phisms, it is our intention to keep this minor daily feature of them going, so we have placed a small text widget at the top of the sidebar which is supposed to change every day to a fresh Phism.  However, it actually happening this way is fraught with difficulties, namely getting Phi off his ass every day to make it happen, and the technical challenge of all of the steps necessary to do it without hims breaking anything.

It would be nice if there was a way to automate the process from within WordPress but it may have to wait until the Phi Press site is up and running and it turns into an RSS feed.  Eventually these might become audio files or even little animations.  Is that an idea? give away the digital and sell the paper?

What do you think?


1 thought on “Phism of the Day

  1. Hey Phi, I love this! I am so excited and happy to see your work (so much work!) to bring your amazing mind out into the world by sharing your thoughts this way, and I love your writing! So glad you decided to get William off his arse to get this out here. Yaay for Phisms (you’re right, so very catchy!), and bring them on!!
    … maybe people will care because they will be moved, and, let’s face it, so many of us need extraneous inspiration to move us; so many of us want and need to be moved! It can’t be helped if the Phisms turn out to be incredibly moving, and it isn’t a waste if the only one that is incredibly moved is sweet William. SO, bring on the Phisms! I love it!

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