Black Swan Bad, Black Swan Good

It has been the intent here for the past couple of weeks to couple the topic of interest here at this blog to a couple of discussion threads that have piqued my interest in other on-line forums hoping to engage in some intra-blog pollination; unfortunately always managing to lag about a day and a half behind the cutting edge of the discussion by which time the discussion had ended or moved on.  I guess we’re not quite quick enough around here yet to keep up with the quick pace of the blogosphere.  It has been both interesting and frustrating to watch people who’s blogs I follow regularly coalesce at another blog for a discussion then disperse again within a matter of a few hours.  It’s hard to keep up with such a fast moving crowd.

Instead, until I can manage to synchronize my output with the outside blogosphere, we will be presenting an essay with two aspects which relate only by the one word, black swan. In the first installment I will consider some of the conceptual defects in Black Swan Theory as proposed by Nassim Nicholas Taleb in his book The Black Swan.  In the second aspect our Arts & Aesthetics editor Atani will consider the excellence of the recent Darron Aronofsky film entitled, Black Swan.


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