WARNING!! – The material on this weblog will not leave your belief system unchanged!  Any damage to your false-self’s esteem is completely a fiction of your ego.  Any emotional trauma that you believe that has been caused by revealing the provisional nature or your reality is all in your mind.  So, if you feel bad or feel mad….  Change Your Mind!

The Meme Merchants Consortium

This blog-a-fication [or blog-a-fiction] represents the combined efforts of The Meme Merchants Consortium [M^2C], a merry band of witty wights [that’s skillful elves to you and me] from the hinterlands of the fring-o-sphere dedicated to figuring out what is really going on out there by questioning and commenting on post, post-modern life in the light of nature.

The Meme Merchants Consortium is:

  • W. W. Wygart – Chief Contrarian in Charge [C^3]
  • Atani – Editor, Contributing Author
  • Phi – Contributing Author
  • Ara Von Ælfman – Editor, Contributing Author
  • Unræd – Contributing Author, Legal Counsel
  • Visin – Editor, Contributing Author
  • Pee [Plumberia] – Moral Support


A New Kind of Blog – a brief and trivial history of how the Meme Merchants consortium came to be.

About the Meme Merchants

Some of you might be confused by the fact that this blog appears to have two different names, The Coraline Meme and Meme Merchants.  For information as to why that is go here.  The name itself was bestowed upon us years ago in a Usenet flame-war when some disgruntled acolyte of Richard Dawkins accused us of being, “Just a bunch of meme merchants!”  It kind of stuck, and we now wear the title as a kind of badge of honor.


Please feel free to comment or ask questions – it is the whole point of this blog.  Comments on any post now remain open for permanently.  For minor editorial errors and corrections such as typos pleas use the Contact Form and an editor will fix the problem as soon as possible.

Moderation Policy

Not to worry, there is no Moderation Policy here, or rather to say that our policy is not to moderate, so please be nice and – Don’t be a Troll.  What you say, what every you say will remain as permanent record of your brilliance or bad behavior – future generations may mock you.  More information on our moderation schema can be found on our Answers page.

Question of the Day

Question of the day – assuming someone ever asks a question, we will then post it up and rave about it for a while – basically until we are sick of it – and you can then comment.  Eventually those questions and answers will be turned into a FAQ page or filed appropriately someplace else.  If you wish to ask the Meme Merchants Consortium a question please use the facility of the Contact Form we have prepared for you on our Contact Page.

A Note on Copyrights

It is the official opinion of the Meme Merchants Consortium that ‘faithful reproductions’ [though arguably imperfect] of two dimensional works of art already in the public domain, are themselves uncopyrightable in the United States.  However, we believe that new works derived from them, that are sufficiently original and are not merely ‘slavish’ copies are copyrightable as new works by their authors, such as those created by Atani Studios.

We make every attempt to properly cite all works presented here, even those covered by various non-traditional or open-source licenses.  If you see a work that you believe is uncited or incorrectly cited, please contact us using our Contact Page and we will strive to remedy the problem.

2 thoughts on “About

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  2. Oh! OH! Do you know how we have longed for this, do you? Do you know how merry the making of so many will happen through all these distinctions, variations, and meme-ifications? Do you? Oh, do you know how deeply you are loved?

    *(how’s that for questions?)

    I celebrate you! I revel in all that is you! Wheeeee!

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