Interior Subjective Realm

The Interior Subjective Realm is that part of the complete Universe that is usually left out of conventional ‘theories of everything’ – a significant omission – this is the left hand side of the map if you will, the realm of  ‘…and everything else’  This is the realm where the things people cares about most: our lives, loves and perceptions actually takes place.  The Interior Subjective is the realm of information and meaning, history and culture, mind and consciousness.  What Teilhard de Chardin refered to as the noosphere is a part of it, but only a fraction, infinities more are possible.  This is also the traditional realm of ‘metaphysics’, everything that ‘comes after’ the physics, but not in the cheesy devalued, pseudo-scientific, new-age way, but in a way that is significant and matters and is governed by its own ‘physics’ that we can barely guess at today and whose extent dwarfs the material multivers.  As theologian C. S. Lewis observed of the Interior Realm, “It is bigger on the inside.”  Yet at some point, at some line or level they touch, mind does have power over matter – necessarily, but where?  That is the Biggest Question isn’t it?

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