What’s this all about?  What was the question?

As you may have read on our About page, we do not yet have a FAQ page – basically because nobody has asked us any questions yet.  If anyone ever does ask a question it will eventually wind up first as a Question of the day then as a FAQ, but we wouldn’t presume to preempt that process.

There are a few noetic peculiarities in use around here that might require an explanation – now – as to opposed when some one of you stirs them self enough to avail himself of our Contact Form – thus the need for this Answers page.


Noun – Our favorite personal insult and catch all expression for any person or any behavior that reflects less than fully human thinking or behavior, and that originates in the proto-human primate, reptilian or nether reaches of the triune brain.

This expression was engineered by the Meme Merchants Consortium to be absolutely inclusive in its applicability regardless of: gender, race, religion, national origin, sexual or political orientation.

Slopish /ly

Adjective/adverb – How a slope-browed-retro-troglodyte behaves.  Consequently, if you’re being slopish or acting slopishly, you’re just being retro, so evolve, be human.

Flying Monkeys

Noun – Another word for trouble on the way, or an unpleasant mess impending.  This is of course, in part, a reference to the winged simians of Frank Baums Wizard of Oz series, but the slightly more malevolent 1939 movie version.  There is also the reference to the behavior of certain monkeys, to fling their poo at you as a kind of harassment or defensive measure.

Dutton Worthy

Adjective –  A pish posh of such pseudo-scholarship, intellectual tripe, and “pretentious, swaggering, gibberish” as to be worthy of a prize in the late Denis Dutton’s legendary Bad Writing Contest.


Comments on any post will remain open for 180 days.  If you wish to comment on a post older than that please use the Contact Form and let us know what your question is directly or we can reopen comments on that thread for you.

Moderation Policy

Not to worry, there is no Moderation Policy here, or rather to say that our policy is no moderation, so please be nice and – Don’t be a Troll.  What you say, what every you say will remain as permanent record of your brilliance or bad behavior.  More information on our moderation schema can be found here.

Question of the Day

Question of the day – assuming someone ever asks a question, we will then post it up and rave about it for a while – basically until we are sick of it – and you can then comment.  Eventually those questions and answers will be turned into a FAQ page or filed appropriately someplace else.  If you wish to ask the Meme Merchants Consortium a question please use the facility of the Contact Form we have prepared for you on our Contact Page.

A Note on Copyrights

It is the official opinion of the Meme Merchants Consortium that ‘faithful reproductions’ [though arguably imperfect] of two dimensional works of art already in the public domain, are themselves uncopyrightable in the United States.  However new works derived from them, that are sufficiently original and are not merely ‘slavish’ copies are copyrightable as new works by their authors, such as those created by Atani Studios.

We make every attempt to properly cite all works, even those covered by various non-traditional or open-source licenses.  If you see a work that you believe is uncited or incorrectly cited, please contact us using our Contact Page and we will rectify the matter.

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