Readability Test

You probably thought that this was a menu item somehow left over from the default WordPress theme but you clicked on it anyway, as it turns out you were wrong – too bad –  what you get as a reward for your curiosity is a hint to the existence of very different sort of weblog called Readability Test: Works-in-Progress where members of the Meme Merchants Consortium share previews of their innermost workings in the form of works-in-progress in their more literary arts.

Readability Test is a project of Phi Press that gives you the opportunity to read and comment upon various works-in-progress at Phi Press.  It is hoped that you will be inclined to have a read, then tell us what you like – or don’t – what obscure literary references you are able to detect, or find lacking, what you find sublime and what you find disturbing. We, of course, enjoy getting our egos stroked as much as the next set of fellows, but we are also looking for feedback, and critique of a more specific and literary nature.  Some of our authors are involved with more experimental forms of punctuation and typographical layout, and one or two can get into some complicated sentence structure – and of course everything here tends to be sliding off the scale of normalcy – though not so much we hope of decency – so we are interested in hearing from you what works and what doesn’t, what is clear and what is muddled.  You are encouraged to be as specific as you need to be.

Readability test can be found at ReadabilityTest on

Please bear in mind that everything posted Readability Test is a draft of a work that, hopefully, will be published in a more formal format at a future date, so please help us to keep these works-in-progress from escaping out into the world before they are ready.  All rights are reserved and copying or reposting any works without permission from Phi Press is prohibited.

Thank you for your interest and support.

W. W. Wygart

Editor in Chief

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