Pielke the Elder and Chris Colose-The Merits of Models

Pielke the Elder, a climate scientist who’s blog I follow regularly has a new post E-mail Interaction with Chris Colose which revolves mostly around the issue the statistical skill of current and past generations of computer models as predictors of multi-decadal trends in climate.

Pielke the Elder is one of my go-to-guys for climate science because of his reasonableness and fairness in his dealing with critic, the general excellence of his work, and his demonstrated willingness to correct himself where necessary.   There is also an issue of his age and experience, he has been a workbench scientist long enough to have actually witnessed a couple of multi-decadal trends go by in his life and career, something I think is important in that it helps keep one’s work grounded in reality and not lost in the creode generated by your work.

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