A Reply to Peter Gleick


I was following the thread on controversy over the recent Lewandowsky et al paper, over at Lucia Liljegren’s blog TheBlackboard entitled: Multiple IPs, Hide My Ass and the Lewandowsky survey, when I noticed commentor Bob Koss posted links to a Twitter exchange between Lucia and Peter Gleick – yes – that Peter Gleick.  You can follow the links yourself.


Gleick’s tweet was:

Irony? Coincidence? When I downloaded the NYTimes Eastwood convention story, the ad on the page was about dementia.

Since we don’t do Twitter around here I’ll just have to post my reply to the Gleickster here:

Coincidence?  Of course not.  As we all know its a kind of metaphysical law of the universe that confirmation of whatever your deepest most paranoid fears and biases are will automatically appear before your eyes.


Excuses Excuses


I cannot believe it, both of my editors collapsing under deadline pressure.  Visin is turning his article on Black Swan Theory into a book and is whining that he needs to do more research, and Atani is whinging that he is waiting on NetFlix for a re-view of the movie before he completes his magnum-opus.  So, I am now throwing Uræd, our legal counsel and editor in the Economics, and Public Policy & Law departments into fill the breach with his latest contribution to economic theory.